ABOUT THE ARTIST





Humbly acknowledges receiving multiple art awards and high acclaim as an art protégé during his early youth, culminating with an art scholarship to the prestigious School of Art and Design in Columbus, Ohio.

Now as a contemporary world-class artist, Winford's art is collected by art aficionados around the WORLD. His work emphasizes the effect of powerful and explosive color within the content of composition and light. The color he uses is always strong and bright and applied in blocks over large areas of the canvas. Color contrast and harmonies create solid eye-catching compositions that influence the viewer directly.

Realism merges with abstraction in Winford's work...creating masterpieces singular in spirit, allowing the viewer to savor the intensity of his art genius. He paints, and the canvas explodes into colors, composition and grandeur.

The impressive and diverse register of those who own and actively collect his work include top financiers and business executives, as well as some of the best known sports super stars in the world. Moreover, he is the official artist to many spectacular events around the country...including the National Quarterback Club, the McDonald's All-American High School Basketball Game, the Bronko Nagurski College Football Defensive Player of the Year Awards, and the NFL Washington Redskins Player of the Year Awards...just to name a few.

With a finely discerning eye and powerful artistic style, Winford creates stunning works that insist we step in and experience his mastery of art...

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